School children are now engage with fishing !

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Rourkela, (Sandhan News@Subodh Nayak): Everyone’s life has come to a standstill while the Karona epidemic has created terror around the world. The locks are hanging on the school of the epidemic Karona Crisis. The books of students living in rural areas are stranded. The goal is to make the financial situation of the home a little cleaner, and it is clear that the children are involved in various activities. Despite the lack of money, students in rural areas have been seen fishing, collecting and selling forest products, earning a living for two families. Schools are now teaching online through the Internet. But reading this online text has become a kind of worthless for the tribal-inhabited students of the Lathikata block area! There is no smart mobile phone in the house of a poor tribal man living in a mud hut, which has dragged Lakshmanagar into online reading. Meanwhile, stomach worries are plaguing poor families.
On the one hand, the epidemic continues to spread, and two indigenous rural students have dropped out of school to take up fishing. He holds a flute fork in his hand to fish instead of a pen and a book. The coronation was similar in the Lathikata block. According to reports, Anand Bhumij and Manuel Bhumij of Sona Parbat area are studying in class VI at Asurachapal High Primary School. But for them, reading is now a dream come true. The two juvenile fishermen are standing on the riverbank, billowing their heads for the belly button. The two minors are busy selling fish and raising money for the family.

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